Why AcePriori

AcePriori Technology is the brainchild of a group of it professionals with a vision on emerging requirements for today's iT market.coming from diverse professional backgrounds,we have felt the need for a different apporch for software development, Consulting and global staffing within the industry,this has motivated us to formulated us to unique approach to heal organization to become a more effective & completent with the technology, Priori tecghnology has been providing faster ,smarter,better information technology solutionsand staffing servicesaround the world for a variety of industries including energy , healthcare, financial, pharmaceutical,telecommunication, manufaturing, retailand government services.

We have been delivering high quality, reliable and cost-effective it services to customer globally, we provide world class technology serices by costantly exploring and implementing innovative solutions that drive long-term value to our customers. We deliver end-to-end solutions through valuable strategy developments, consulting services and unique delivery capabilitie. Acepriori is about making money for our clients, Our clients expect us to create more value than the money they pay for our services.

Lower costs

  • less than half the compensation costs of india-based sourcers and recruters
  • no cost and timeto hire and train new in-house sourcers and recruters
  • less than half the compensation costs of india-based sourcers and recruters

  • higher Revenues

  • Coverge on job orders in-house recruiters do not have the bandwidth to handle
  • Placements and broarder coverage on lower margin/less critical job orders where in-house recruters are to expensive
  • Less than half the compensation costs of india-based sourcers and recruters

  • Retain the best

  • We proudly work to create above -industry reatintion levels-somuch so that we have won awwards for it! are commitment to consultants,and are progressive HR stategies mean you dont have to worry about lossing that perfect person.

  • Increased Flexibility

  • More times for in-house recruters to focus on high-value,high-touch tasks such as working with hiring managers and candidates easy to ramp up and ramp down offshore team size as volume of job orders fluctuates

  • Teams built just for you

  • We build dedicated account teams for each of our enterpise clients and make sure to align with your strategic initiaves

  • Contractual Obligations

  • we are seeking long term relationships, but do not believe in looking our clients in long term contracts, all of our aggriments are month-to-month and can be canceled at any time with 30 days notice.we understand that we need to contineously delever.
  • With no long term contracts,we always have to prove ourselves,which is the best SLA any company can give.
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