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Business Analytics(BI)

In today's business climate, the marketplace changes quickly.Businesses must have the tools, technology and information to enable quick and efficient adaptation to these changes. Executives must be able to:

Provide the right people with the right access to the right data at the right time.

Monitor market conditions, customer preferences, future trends and demographic shifts.

Make sound business decisions based on accurate, consistent, current and comprehensive information.

Many organizations already have much of the data they need to achieve these goals.unfortunately this data is often locked up in multiple, disparate information technology(IT)systems.These systems do easily share data or the data is inconsistent, inaccurate or out-of-date. Business decisions are only as good as the information on which they are based.Our Business intelligence and data warehousing solutions practice ensures the availability of business-critical information .it also opens the door to competitive advantage and a host of other benefits, allowing companies to substantially enhance bottom-line profitability.Lucid Technologies, Ins has helped numerous enterprises address the challenge of unlocking the enterprise data resources that enable insight into competition, market dynamics, customers, products and operations.

Acepriori Technologies business Intelligence Solution practice helps companies in a wide range of industries leverage business-critical information across the enterprise-an essential first step in making decisions that are intelligent and timely , our data warehousing solutions allow you to access,analyze and share data from disparate sources, data are broken down and made accessible.

If getting the answer to an important business questions at your organizations involves dispatching a team of people to scour multiple It systems, databases and spreadsheets, then a business intelligence solution may be for you.

Business Intelligence: Transforming Data into Information

"Business Intelligence"refers to a broad category of applications and Technologies for gathering, providing acess to and analyzing data to help enterprise users make better business decisions.

"Data" is essentially raw numbers, and organizations worldwide have lots of data.But data by itself is not entirely helpful.

"Information" is data in the context of business goals, customer needs and market changes.Information as opposed to data can provide the guidance needed to make competitive, effective decisions that lead to greater revenue and profitability.

A business intelligence initiative can help your organization create infrastructure to transform row into data information you can use to monitor the marketplace, make decisions and measure company performance

A BI initiative often takes the shape of a web-based portal or business intelligence portal, which provides secure access for authorized individuals to view a wealth of information.

Behind-the-scenes , BI portal are supported by a suite of software applications that compile data from multiple company sources into enterprise data marts.the software frequently uses an extract/ transform/ load(ETL) tool or other enterprise integration mechanism to pull the information together and transform it, since the data comes from multiple sources, it may be in multiple formats, such as when one IT system stores a customer's name as two records (last name and first name) and another system which stores the name as one record(first name + Last name). The etl transforms the data intoone consistent format and then stores it in a data warehouse (for reference or historical data) or a data mart(for active or current data).

Business-Focused Technologists

For more than 4 years, AcePriori Technologies has helped business and government entities build, integrate and support their mission- critical business systems.Mid-Market and Fortune 1000 organizations turn to Acepriori Technologies, to find ways to reduce costs, improve efficiency and streamline business operations.

Business-Driven It

Business intelligence is not a product that can be installed, Instead, it's way of gathering entities build and storing data to promote a smarter way of doing business.AcePriori Technologies, can assist in your business intelligence initiative, whether you're just getting started or have a mature process in place that only needs refining.

AcePriori Technologies offers assessment, remediation, design, development, delivery and integration services covering these business intelligence target areas:


Data quality, data architecture, data support and data mining

Queries/reporting, online analytical processing(OLOP), statistical analysis and forecasting

Performance managers indicators and executive management "dashboards"content management

Data warehousing tool evaluation, selection and training


Content management

knowledge management Having assisted numerous clients in a vast range of industries with their business intelligence programs, Lucid Technologies, Inc offers clients the following services.


A six to 12 -week effort,an assignment requires more rigorous information gathering then a discovery session and comprehensive analysis of your organization and enterprise achievement as result

We interview key IT and business stockholder, review documentation and conduct group analysis and join applications design(JAD)session to identify your business drivers and IT requirement, to understand how your current system meets or misses business objectives.

Enterprises Application Architecture

Information(Data) Architecture

Technology Infrastructure

Software Engineering Infrastructure

Enterprise Integration

Acepriori Technologies can evaluate and recommended software and components and can assist with return- on- investment ( RIO ) calculation and building of a business case to present to executive management or board of directors.

The end result is an overall strategic enterprise "roadmap" describe the scope of the effort identifies discrete task and project to undertake, and denotes timelines and deliverable to move forward and incrementally implement a business intelligence program for your enterprise.


Experts from our global Enterprise Integration practice and our local branch office take the results of roadmap and work with you to design, built and launch your business intelligence initiative.This involve technology,but most importantly, it involves change management, disciplined business.Process reengineering, data governance principles.

Our consultant Will conduct extract/transform/load activities, built data marts and data warehouse and create BI Interfaces and portals for your initiative.we Will direct process standardization and documentation projects, issue resolution and IT and data governance.

Our proven ,disciplines process enable use to achieve project goals on time and on budget, allowing use to focus on driving coast and delays out of the process,so we can drive quickly into it.well work with an eye toword measurable business result;cost containment, faster- time- to- value and minimized risk.


Acepriori Technology, views every client engagement as a relationships not a transaction.we work with you to ensure that your system performs as expected,providing knowledge transfer to your team members so they can address issues as they arise .By nurturing independence while promoting project success,we offer you smooth transaction to the New systems, yet we re available whenever you need our assistance.